Monday, February 27, 2006

Kicking It Up A Notch

Looking for a way to spice up lectures and assignments? Use eClips Themes help you find what you need...

One thing every eClips user should know about is the Themes Section.

After entering the site, the home page greets you with a welcome message from the eClips team and a list of things you can do on the site. The first navigation button on the left is marked "Themes" and will take you to a treasure trove of topics that makes it very easy to find material for class or for a group of clips you might want students to view.

Themes have 10-20 clips that all fit into a particular topic area. For example, the business plan themes break out collections of clips that relate such things as:

Business Plans - What makes a strong one?

What I like best is that the themes help you group clips together, either for use to punctuate lecture material or to enliven written assignments. For example, I have students read about value proposition in the textbook and then view 4-5 of the 11 clips in the theme that is focused on the need for plans to be clear, clean, concise and critiqued. When students are immersed in market research I ask them to consider the implication of their findings for the financial model of the business by having them listen to the theme that focuses on realistic financial projections tying together with the rest of the plan.

Although the existing themes provide a good range of choices, if you are finding clips by browsing and bookmarking when you find something good, you can create your own theme in the form of a Listening List.

If you would like us to publish it as a theme under the Theme Section so your students can view it, please let us know. We do update the Themes as we add new content, so visit eClips regularly to check for something new!

- Posted by Professor Deborah Streeter

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