Friday, March 17, 2006

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For eClips

When eClips was born, the intention was to provide a repository of digital media on entrepreneurship, business and leadership that could be used by educators in the university setting.

What has shocked and thrilled us has been the creative use of the database by groups we had never anticipated assisting. Take a look at how eClips is impacting women in Armenia!

The Women's Business Society of Armenia is an organization established in October 2005 in Kapan, Armenia. Created by United States Peace Corps workers, Hillary and Philip George, the organization provides a positive learning environment where young women can gain business knowledge and acquire practical experience through the implementation of projects that benefit their community. The group offers an opportunity for young, professional women to gather in a supportive environment and to gain an overview of business and entrepreneurship.

Each week the Society holds educational sessions focused on various business topics ranging from customer service to business writing to professionalism. EClips is used to provide tangible examples and resources for the sessions. The women enjoy being able to hear real stories from business professionals and their perspective or experience on many different topics. EClips is the perfect resource for inspirational quotations that capture an idea or concept.

Though there are some cultural differences between the environment that the interviewees work in and the business world in Armenia, there is certainly an ability to understand personal examples. Eclips excerpts help to take a complex idea from the business models taught in the sessions and simplify them using realistic examples. Armenia is a culture that struggles with vague generalities. Providing concrete examples and information that allows the women to grasp basic business concepts is essential. Working in a post-Soviet country where entrepreneurship does not come naturally, eClips help to illustrate fundamentals that are needed to understand creating, owning, and running a business.


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