Thursday, March 09, 2006

Spread Those (chicken) Wings and Fly!

Don't tell Kurt Zitzner that you plan to build a startup based on an idea sketched on the back of a napkin!

This motivated entrepreneur's ideas for his startup restaurant were born as an undergraduate at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration. He built the business plan for his restaurant (that focuses on serving amazing chicken wings) over his four years in college and used his undergraduate coursework to further refine and test his idea. Upon his graduation in May 2005, he had already secured a location for his restaurant, Mugzee's, and was open for business later that Fall. This interview, conducted by Deborah Streeter, is part of the eClips collection of "Young Entrepreneur" stories.

During the interview, Zitzner discusses some of the challenges of building a business from scratch as a recent college graduate. He shares lessons learned related to hiring, managing, marketing and cash flow and discusses some specific ethical challenges he has faced with food suppliers.

Exhibiting a maturity beyond his years, Zitzner states, "You have got to realize whether you are going to start your own company or go work for somebody else - you have got to be the entrepreneur of your own life."

Listen to what this fascinating young entrepreneur has to say when Kurt Zitzner speaks to eClips .

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