Monday, March 06, 2006

Truth About Honest Tea

"We will never claim to be a perfect company, but we will address difficult issues and strive to be honest about our ability or inability to resolve them. "

Not your average statement on a corporate website! But Honest Tea isn't exactly your average company.

Meet Seth Goldman - the CEO (or "TeaEO" as the case may be) of Honest Tea. This interview, conducted by Professor Sheila Danko, is part of eClips' collection on "Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship".

During the interview, Goldman discusses some of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs who seek to build socially responsible companies. Honest Tea's decision to strive for "authenticity, integrity and purity" in its products and in the way they do business has had associated costs - but much higher associated benefits. Goldman addresses these points when he discusses an early product recall and a decision to partner with American Indian organizations.

Listen to more about this fascinating company and entrepreneur when Seth Goldman speaks to eClips .

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