Friday, January 05, 2007

Changing Tunes in the Music Industry

Entrepreneurs generally identify markets that are in the process of being disrupted.
- Danny Stein

Disruption in the Music Industry is something that Danny Stein would know about. A serial entrepreneur, Stein is President of JDS Capital, an investment firm based in New York that invests in private, public and distressed debt and equity. Stein is CEO of Dimensional Associates, the operating company that manages the private equity investments made by JDS. Dimensional owns a variety of digital media assets including eMusic, The Orchard and Dimensional Music Publishing, a music publishing arm that owns or controls 20,000 songs.

During a lecture to a class on entrepreneurship at Cornell University, Stein discusses characteristic of successful entrepreneurs but also spends time discussing the changes afoot in the music industry and how successful entrepreneurs take advantage of industries that are experiencing disruption.

To hear more from Daniel Stein, listen to his comments in eClips.

On a related note, NPR's Morning Edition broadcast a piece this morning that discussed the challenges facing Music Reviewers with the explosion of music criticsm on the Internet.

Click here to listen to the NPR story, 'Voice' Music Poll Undermined by Internet


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