Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tackling The New England Patriots

The best thing you can do is really just be yourself and find commonalities and similarities between yourself and the people that you're working with - whether they're men or women.
- Jessica Gelman

Jessica Gelman is the Director of New Business Development for the New England Patriots. In this role, she is a key strategic and operational advisor to the Patriots' Executive Management Team. Her responsibilities include identifying, evaluating and creating new businesses and providing strategic analysis to leverage the Patriots' assets.

eClips was invited to capture comments from Gelman and other women entrepreneurs during a panel discussion of "Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling". The panel was part of a a week-long conference sponsored by the Harvard-Radcliffe Women's Leadership Project in September 2006.

To hear Jessica Gelman's thoughts on the "glass ceiling" and the challenges and rewards of working in the traditionally-male sports industry, listen to her comments in eClips.

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