Thursday, May 17, 2007

Entrepreneurship Is About the Journey

When asked, ”What makes eClips so special?” we sometimes find it hard to give a concise answer.

We could talk about the fact that eClips now has over 8500 digital video clips that are fully transcribed and indexed for easy searchability.

We could mention the 900 themes that group clips into related topics such as
Toot Your Own Horn Without Blowing It
Cash Flow Is More Important Than Your Mother and
Funding a Startup With Bubblegum and Baling Wire

We could highlight the breadth of the collection – with entrepreneurs and experts from industries as varied as agriculture to apparel to hospitality to life sciences to manufacturing to venture capital to waste management.

We could point out that out of the 400 entrepreneurs and experts in the collection, almost 200 are women.

We could discuss our special collections on Young Entrepreneur Stories or Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship

But when it all boils down to one sentence, the best thing that we can say is that our collection illustrates that -

Entrepreneurship is about the journey.

You can read a textbook that teaches you how to understand a balance sheet – but eClips lets you hear Colin Hill, CEO of Gene Network Sciences, state,
“I really understood the technology. I think the disadvantage I had was that I knew very little about a lot of the basic things you are supposed to know in running a business like how to read a balance sheet and how to do deals.”
Creative people in design and performance often see involvement in business as “selling out”. Yet eClips provides the opportunity to hear Rachel Lampert, Director or Kitchen Theatre state,
“When I say that I am entrepreneurial. I am looking for the way to find the means to work as an artist, so for me it is the way to put together a business, company, a life that allows me to do the things that I want to do.”
Students and professionals interested in social responsibility often argue that business is only about making a profit and "entrepreneurship" is a dirty word. eClips brings wisdom from Bena Burda, CEO of Maggie’s Organics who feels commerce and trade can be viable solutions and states,
“Business absolutely is a change agent.”

With over 8500 clips, we could provide almost limitless examples. Interested in learning more? Visit eClips today!

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