Monday, May 14, 2007

Felix Laboy Discusses Entrepreneurship

"It's a wonderful thing to be your own boss and to make decisions on a daily basis."
- Comment from Felix Laboy in eClips

Felix Laboy is co-founder, President and CEO of E-site Marketing. His company specializes in creating E-business solutions exclusively for the hospitality industry.

Laboy recently spoke at Cornell University as part of the 2006/2007 series of "Conversations with Entrepreneurs" offered by the Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship at Cornell's School of Hotel Administration. During his lecture, he discussed his experience in the hospitality industry and how that expeirence gave him the tools he needed to become and entrepreneur and start his own company.

His main messages are to find your passion, deliver the best service to the customer and learn all you can from each professional experience.

To hear more from Felix Laboy, listen to his comments in eClips.

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