Sunday, May 20, 2007

Poop To Profit

Today's Sunday New York Times Magazine featured an article on TerraCycle entitled The Worm Turns. In this article, Rob Walker discusses the success that this eco-startup has had and also states that the company is not likely to be a flash in the pan.

eClips has been fortunate enough to track this startup journey from its beginning. Our interviews with Tom Szaky (CEO) and Albe Zakes (company spokesperson) have been able to capture the rewards and challenges of being a young entrepreneur and building a socially responsible comapny.

Walker's article states that TerraCycle's previous sales projections have been a bit overly optimistic - but it looks as though this year will result in $6 million in sales - which would finally make TerraCycle profitable.

Based on Szaky's following quote to eClips, you could argue that optimism is what he has always been about -
"You have to be able to dream big or you can't get big." - Tom Szaky
We are excited to be able to follow TerraCycle's journey and share their insights with all of you!

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Anonymous said...

Here's a link to TerraCycle's appearance on BBC World News regarding the lawsuit with Scotts Miracle-Gro.. check it out!