Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Thoughts on Innovation

"You have to have a system that rewards innovation which means almost by definition rewarding failure, because you can't innovate and be creative without failing a lot of the time. "

The quote above was made by Howard Morgan, Director at IdeaLab and captured in eClips. IdeaLab is an incubator that was started by Bill Gross 1996 with the goal of creating and operating pioneering technology companies.

An article which appeared in the New York Times on May 7, 2007 entitled "Beam It Down From The Web, Scotty" discussed a new company started at IdeaLab. The company is called "Desktop Factory" and wants to be the first to to deliver a 3-D printer for consumers.

Imagine being able to "print" that lost piece for your child's Lego set or the missing plastic shelf holder for the bookcase you just bought at Ikea! The possibilities are endless but innovation is the key to it all.

To hear more about innovative thinking at IdeaLab, listen to more of Howard Morgan's comments in Howard Morgan, Director at IdeaLab eClips.

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