Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rachel Doyle Rocks

Rachel Doyle, founder of GlamourGals and eClips contributor has just been featured in the July 20th edition of CNN's "Young People Who Rock".

CNN's Nicole Lapin speaks with Doyle during the segment about the background of GlamourGals and how the organization expands beyond makeovers to establish connections between young people and seniors. Doyle shares how the GlamourGals organization is working to build young female leaders and states that anyone can follow their passion - they just have to get out there and do it.

Congratulations to Rachel for being nominated as one of CNN's "Young People Who Rock".

If you want to hear more from Rachel Doyle, please listen to her comments in eClips.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

One Smart Cookie

"It really needs to be about what's in your heart and what your real end goal is."

- Scott Blackwell, Founder and CEO of Immaculate Baking Company

In 1995, Scott Blackwell started Immaculate Baking Company in his garage with big dreams and a few simple goals: To create top-quality baked goods with fun and unique combinations, to celebrate the creativity of folk art, and to somehow give back.

He has now grown well beyond the garage, won several national awards and expanded to produce not only award-winning original flavors of delicious cookies made with organic ingredients, but also a 100% organic line of cookies for children. Sales for the company increased by over 125% in 2006 and production has doubled.

The company has remained true to its social mission as well and spoils from their cookie sales go to help American folk artists. Works of folk artists and their biographies appear on the packaging of all Immaculate Baking Company products, some of which are distributed on jetBlue Airways. In 1999, Blackwell established the Folk Artist's Foundation to provide support and exposure for folk artists. He also created the Soul Food Fund to support his belief that creativity is food for the soul. The Fund sponsors fundraisers, art outreach events and workshops that pair folk artists with kids. As a result of all these efforts, the company thoroughly engages its employees, customers and artists in a cause that truly unites communities.

To hear more from this remarkable entrepreneur, listen to his interview in eClips.