Thursday, August 30, 2007

Joy Kuebler Honored

Joy Kuebler of Joy Kuebler Landscape Architect was recently named to Buffalo Business First's 16th annual "40 Under Forty" honor roll.

The 40 honorees -- all under the age of 40 -- are being recognized for their records of professional success and community involvement.

Joy Kuebler is the founder of Joy Kuebler Landscape Architect PC (JKLA). Her company's design projects have included one half acre community built parks, intimate gardens for small children, large university campus redevelopment and large city inter-modal transit facilities.

Click here to hear clips from Joy Kuebler's interview with eClips.

For more information about Buffalo's 40 Under 40 Winners, please access this Buffalo Business First article.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Update on Scott Belsky

"I feel like every day is an investment in something."
Scott Belsky, Founder of Behance

eClips recently caught up with young entrepreneur, Scott Belsky. When we last spoke with Scott, he was working at the Pine Street Development Initiative Group - a small global team within Goldman Sachs focused on leadership development, organizational improvement, and strengthening key client relationships. Before joining Goldman Sachs, Scott was a high school and college student and also Co-Founder and President of Live Big Enterprises, a sportswear and corporate clothing company. Live Big was featured in Newsweek and Business Week Online in 2001, and was sold in the summer of 2002.

Scott is now juggling an MBA program at Harvard Business School and a new startup, Behance. The Behance team helps creative professionals and organizations make ideas happen through a process called "productive creativity". Click here to learn more about Behance.

During this recent sit-down, Scott discussed the challenges of building Behance while pursuing his MBA. His comments truly outline the risks and rewards of being a young entrepreneur. We look forward to watching this creative entrepreneur's journey as he continues to grow.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wendy Brawer Speaks To eClips

"Designers create the artifacts that shape the modern world, that shape our daily life that determine our future. "
Wendy Brawer, Founder of Green Map System

Wendy Brawer is Founder and Director of Green Map System. In addition, she has been an eco-designer, public educator and consultant since 1990.

During an interview with eClips, she discusses the background of her Green Map System organization and also shares thoughts on the impact of design on entrepreneurship and the importance of socially responsible business.

Interested in learning more about Brawer? Check out Brawer's website, or listen to her comments in eClips.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cornell Alumni Share Thoughts On Their Alma Mater

eClips now has over 9000 clips from well over 400 entrepreneurs and experts. Many contributors to our collection are alumni of undergraduate or graduate programs at Cornell University.

Since we are coming into the time of year where college students return to campuses...and alumni follow later in the Fall to return for Homecomings, we thought it would be interesting to scan our collection to see what Cornell alums had to say about their Cornell experience.

What we found was an incredible array of comments. Some entrepreneurs shared stories of freshman experiences where they almost failed out of the school - and then discussed how those life lessons in humility and resiliency impacted their professional lives. Others spoke of the incredible leadership opportunities or experiences with diversity that Cornell provided, which too helped to shape professional futures.

No matter the experiences, the common thread was the appreciation for the lessons learned and the love for the school that provided them - Cornell.

We chose our favorites and created a new theme in the collection entitled Loud Her Praises Tell. (In case you were wondering, the theme's title comes from the refrain of the Cornell alma mater which is performed by the Cornell Glee Club in this link.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Taking It To The Streets

"It's not hard to see what differences we've made."
Sean Basinski, Founder of Street Vendor Project

eClips just added an interview with social entrepreneur Sean Basinski to our collection. Basinski is the Director of the Street Vendor Project.

Sean Basinski is the Director of the Street Vendor Project. The Street Vendor Project works to correct the social and economic injustice faced by street vendors in New York City. Reaching out to vendors on the street, the organization holds clinics to educate vendors about their legal rights. Working to support a local vendors' rights movement, they organize vendors to participate in the political process that determines their fate.

Sean Basinski received his JD from Georgetown University Law Center and his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. For nine months before he started law school, Sean built a pushcart and sold Mexican food on Park Avenue and 52nd Street.

Click here to hear more from Sean Basinski's interview in eClips.

Interested in supporting the Street Vendor Project? Check out this link for their upcoming "Vendies" fundraiser.