Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cornell Alumni Share Thoughts On Their Alma Mater

eClips now has over 9000 clips from well over 400 entrepreneurs and experts. Many contributors to our collection are alumni of undergraduate or graduate programs at Cornell University.

Since we are coming into the time of year where college students return to campuses...and alumni follow later in the Fall to return for Homecomings, we thought it would be interesting to scan our collection to see what Cornell alums had to say about their Cornell experience.

What we found was an incredible array of comments. Some entrepreneurs shared stories of freshman experiences where they almost failed out of the school - and then discussed how those life lessons in humility and resiliency impacted their professional lives. Others spoke of the incredible leadership opportunities or experiences with diversity that Cornell provided, which too helped to shape professional futures.

No matter the experiences, the common thread was the appreciation for the lessons learned and the love for the school that provided them - Cornell.

We chose our favorites and created a new theme in the collection entitled Loud Her Praises Tell. (In case you were wondering, the theme's title comes from the refrain of the Cornell alma mater which is performed by the Cornell Glee Club in this link.

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