Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tiffany Norwood Speaks To eClips

The main competitive advantage that you can have over and above anything else as an individual starting a company is to really be passionate and have a strong intent for what you're doing.

- Tiffany Norwood

Tiffany Norwood is the co-founder and Executive Vice President of Commercial Opperations for Next Generation Broadband(NGB). Norwood manages all commercial activities for NGB, including sales, marketing, product development, customer management, strategic partnerships, as well as, corporate strategy.

Norwood recently took the time to speak with eClips about her academic and professional background as well as her creation of Next Generation Broadband. She also shared thoughts on the importance of developing a culture of respect within the company to encourage and retain employees. In addition, Norwood discusses funding, exit strategies, entrepreneurship and work-life balance.

Below, we've included a portion of one of Norwood's clips where she discusses the impact that rowing crew in college had on her future interactions on teams in the business environment.

Interested in hearing more from Norwood? Please check out her interview in eClips.

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