Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cornell Is (Ac)Counting Its Blessings

Cornell University's Undergraduate Business Program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will now offer a new concentration in accounting thanks to the $800,000 gift from Ernst & Young.

"Because of the hard work of Cornell alumni Jerry Goldman '72 and Gary Kozlowski '89 and the generosity of the Ernst & Young Foundation and many Cornell alumni at Ernst & Young, the college will be able to bolster its course offerings to meet the growing expectations of its students, employers and alumni," says William Lesser, the Susan Eckert Lynch Professor of Science and Business and chair of the Department of Applied Economics and Management.

eClips had the opportunity to sit down with Jerry Goldman and learn a bit more about his experiences at Ernst and Young. Listen to the clip below where Goldman shares that anyone who plans on being in the business world needs to have an understanding of accounting basics...

To hear more from the interview, click here to access Jerry Goldman's comments in eClips.

To read more about this initiative, click hear to access the Cornell Chronicle article.

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