Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Importance of Being Reliable

Corporations in America are respected because the American businessman has created a great reputation for being reliable.” - Remedios Diaz-Oliver

Being reliable is important to businesspeople such as Diaz-Oliver - the president of All American Containers, Inc., a leading supplier in the United States of glass, plastic and metal containers and caps throughout the world.

When a customer wants the order in one week and your production process takes six weeks, will you say “yes” in order to book the order? In some cultures, they do. According to Diaz-Oliver, however, American businessman would say no if they cannot deliver. She pointed out, “at the beginning they do not like it, at the end they admire and organize and prepare themselves to order six weeks in advance. Many times we know that we can deliver in four weeks but then everybody looks like a hero. I promise six weeks and I deliver in four and the customer is happy. Don’t you promise to deliver in one week and deliver in six weeks because that is it! People don’t trust you and don’t believe you.”

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By Rui Zhang

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