Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Jessica Flannery Discusses Kiva and Social Entrepreneurship

Jessica Jackley Flannery is a co-founder of Kiva, a not-for-profit organization which connects people willing to offer loan money to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world. Kiva partners with existing microfinance institutions to gain access to these outstanding entrepreneurs from impoverished communities world-wide. Essentially, Kiva uses the power of the internet to facilitate one-to-one connections that were previously prohibitively expensive.

During an inteview with eClips, Flannery discussed the inspiration behind Kiva as well as the challenges of being a social entrepreneur and the differences and similarities of operating a not-for-profit organization versus a for-profit business.

To hear an overview of Flannery's comments, watch the following 2-minute video put together by the eClips team:

To learn more from Jessica Flannery, click here to access her interview and lecture in the eClips collection.

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