Saturday, April 26, 2008

Are Men From Mars and Women From Venus In The Business Environment?

My real life experience has told me that each gender has a different way of falling in love. My education convinced me that male and female brains develop and behave differently. To realize and understand the basic differences between how men and women think and behave is important not just if you are in the dating game, but also in the busienss environment – hire the right people, improve teamwork, and develop the right strategies.

1) “Web thinking” and “step thinking”
Some research findings suggest that on average, women gather more data, consider the context, are intuitive, have a sympathizing mind and think more long-term – we can call it "web thinking". Men, on the other hand, are more focused, think linearly, focus on rules and the short-term - "step thinking". Men are more analytical; women are better long-term planners. The long-term thinking of women makes them better investors.

2) Collaborate or compete
Listen to this clip from Amy Millman, President of Springboard Enterprises. According to Millman, girls are more collaborative whereas boys are more competitive: girls play to build good relationships and boys play to place value on things.

3) Who is stronger in networking?
Catherine Khan works at L'Oreal and is currently the Marketing Manager for the Garnier Nutritioniste product line. In this clip, she states that women are not as strong at networking as men. You might tend to disagree with her but Catherine believes that women are not so strong as men in networking because men try to help each other while women see networking as building false friendships.

4) Men are more spread out
Julie McPeek is a co-founder of Provisor Marketing. In this clip, she states that men and women have different body language in the corporate environment. When it comes to body language, Julie found that men are more open in their body language and they are much more likely to be “spread out on a chair instead of sitting with their arms crossed which women do so much.”

Whether you agree with the above statements or not, you can always log onto eClips and compare different thoughts from men and women in the business world and the role of women in today’s business arena.

By Rui Zhang


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