Friday, April 04, 2008

Really Young Entrepreneurs Who Will Inspire You

Did you ever imagine starting your business at the age of 9? I read an article today about a British kid, Jake Lunn, who founded his company "Nautical Napkins" when he was 9 years old. He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs to receive recognition in the UK.

Jake is a sailing enthusiast and dreams of buying a super yacht. He came up with the idea of making personalized linen nautical napkins embossed with the boats' names during a trip in Sweden with his family. He learned to use the machine that prints onto napkins and has been receiving orders via his Nautical Napkins website. With the help from his parents, he has been running the company for almost two years and recently earned an innovation award from Broadband4Devon.

After reading the story, I did a little research on young entrepreneurs and I came across similar stories in the US, India, China, France and almost everywhere in the world. Young Entrepreneurs of America (YEA) awarded the 11 year-old Jason O’Neill “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2007 for creating Pencil Bugs.

It seems that the world is encouraging entrepreneurial development at an ever younger age. With online orders made easy, it becomes ever more convenient and feasible to launch a creative business plan and carry it through.

I hope my post can serve as an inspiration or motivation to you if you are planning to start up your own business. Interested in reading more about other Young Entrepreneurs? Check out the eClips Young Entrepreneur Collection...though the entrepreneurs in this group are at least old enough to drive!

By Rui Zhang

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