Friday, May 02, 2008

Challenge of Maintaining Work-Life Balance While A Student Entrepreneur

Today is the last day of classes for this semester at Cornell, and I, like most of my classmates, am really happy that this semester is almost over. Looking ahead, I still have three final reports due next week and three final exams coming. The thoughts of finals and the gloomy weather in Ithaca were really depressing and I just want to get them over with so that I can embrace the summer break with open arms.

Talking about stress in life, student entrepreneurs may have more reasons to complain than me about their packed schedules since they are running a business while juggling their academic work. It is extremely challenging to do well in school and manage a successful business while also trying to find time to enjoy life. For that reason, I always like to ask how they are maintaining work-life balance during my interviews with student entrepreneurs here at Cornell.

During my recent interview with Matt Dacey, an MBA student who is running an online custom grocery business, Dacey shared that it is very important to party once in a while, to get enough sleep, to set aside specific times for leisure.

Joseph Duva shared similar thoughts to those expressed by Dacey. Duva is a Cornell undergraduate student and founder and president of His company is an auction website where homeowners and licensed contractors connect through a real-time online biding process. Like Dacey, he also schedules social downtime into his calendar and states that if you effectively manage your time, you will be amazed at what you can get done. Per Duva, "If you love what you do or you love just business in general, you'll find a way to manage your time."

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By Rui Zhang

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