Friday, May 09, 2008

eClips Asia Summer Project

Professor Deborah Streeter, Jamie Kalousdian and eClips Asia student representatives had a meeting this Wednesday during which we finalized the eClips Asia Summer Project. Students of eClips Asia team, including Chi Fan Johnson Cheng, Amanda Mingsze Chan and me are planning to visit top chief executive officers and business leaders in Wuhan, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong in June and July of 2008 in order to interview them on the subject of business practices and ethics in China.

Part of our funding for the project will come from a 2008 Robert S. Hatfield Award that we just received for our “eClips Asia Summer Project Proposal”. Receipt of a Hatfield grant gave us a lot of encouragement and we are certain that we will successfully accomplish the goal of conducting high-quality interviews of entrepreneurs and business leaders in China and thus enrich the eClips Asia video learning materials. The content will be transcribed, translated and subtitled for viewing/listening in both English and Chinese and will be uploaded to Cornell’s eClips Collection this Fall.

We are very confident that our experience, network, and expertise of China will enable us to gather advice on business practices in China. We believe that the summer project will not only enhance the learning experiences of the eClips Asia team, but also enable us to acquire valuable educational content for eClips users around the world.

eClips already has a very rich collection of thoughts on conducting business in China. I highly recommend watching Kevin McGovern's clips since he share valuable information from his experiences of doing business with the Chinese.

I will be updating the blog with thoughts from our trip to China this summer. I hope you will be able to see through my eyes and learn more about business practices in China.

By Rui Zhang

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