Monday, July 28, 2008

What is an Entrepreneur?

What is an entrepreneur? The question seems simple, but defining entrepreneurship is anything but straightforward. Some people believe that entrepreneurship is something that can be taught, while others believe it is something that a person is born with. Some people think that to be defined as an entrepreneur, a person must start her own company, while there are others who consider themselves entrepreneurs even though they work for others.

During the week, we’ll be posting clips of entrepreneurs sharing their thoughts on what an entrepreneur is, and what qualities and skills entrepreneurs need to thrive. To start the week, we have a clips from Dave Pelletier in which he describes what being an entrepreneur is not.

To see more clips from Dave Pelletier, listen to his interview in eClips. We’ll be posting a new clip every day this week, so visit our YouTube channel to see them all. If you can’t wait until the clips are on YouTube, or to check out the hundreds of other clips on this topic, explore entrepreneurship on the eClips site.

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