Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Young Entrepreneur Shut Down for Lack of Permit

There have been many young entrepreneurs that have gotten their start in business by opening a lemonade stand or a similar business as a child. Recently, a vegetable stand in Clayton, California operated by Katie Lewis, age 11, and her sister Sabrina, age 3, was shut down by the mayor because the siblings did not have the proper permit.

Katie Lewis began running the roadside stand when she was nine years old, as a way to share the extra produce grown by her family and earn some money for her college fund. Her father was skeptical and told her that nobody would buy from her stand, but on the first day of operations, she sold out of melons in two hours.

Recently, Katie was assisted by her sister and they operated the stand on weekends, until the mayor found out. He said that the girls violated zoning and health regulations. When the girls' father compared the business to a lemonade stand, the mayor said that lemonade stands were also illegal, but the city could not do much because they only operated for a few days.

The story was picked up by ABC a few days ago, and the internet is divided into pro-entrepreneur and pro-regulation. I feel that the mayor should not stunt these young entrepreneurs and that he should be fair to all enterprising children. If some children are allowed to operate lemonade stands because the mayor thinks it is not worth the effort to shut them down, other children should be allowed to operate similar businesses. I think that a small roadside stand operated by a child should not require a permit from the city, but instead the city should encourage more children to contribute to their communities.

While we haven't interviewed our experts to get their opinions on this issue, eClips experts have shared their thoughts on being an entrepreneur at a young age. In this clip from the eClips collection, Jeff Parker discusses the importance of sales, and talks about the impact of childhood lemonade stands in the lives of successful entrepreneurs.

To read the article about the produce stand, click here, and don't forget to visit eClips to see more clips related to everything from roadside produce stands to other young entrepreneurial endeavors.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

YoungEntrepreneur Blog

YoungEntrepreneur is a great website run by young entrepreneurs, for young entrepreneurs. The website was founded by brothers Matthew and Adam Torren, and there is a blog managed by Evan Carmichael. They have an active forum for entrepreneurs to share advice, discuss business, and network.

Their blog contains tons of information for young entrepreneurs. One of my favorite categories is Entrepreneurship University in which experts share advice and provide lessons. I also like the young entrepreneur profiles that showcase rising business leaders. The blog shares many links to entertaining and interesting websites and articles. This blog is a must-read for any young or young at heart entrepreneur.

Recently, there was a guest post on the blog by Mike Michalowicz, the author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. Mike shared his thoughts on dedication while launching a business. He claims that your chance of success in business is greater without having a formal business plan. While there are many entrepreneurs that have been able to succeed without writing a formal business plan, business planning is an important step on the road to success.

Sharon Dauk explains why a business plan is important in the following clip from eClips:

Although Sharon initially never wrote a plan, she realized the importance of planning. Matt Dacey is another entrepreneur with an opinion on business plans. His views on planning can be seen in the following clip:

Every entrepreneur has a different opinion on business planning, and there are many more clips on eClips about this topic. YoungEntrepreneur is another great resource for young entrepreneurs to learn about business planning. Visit their forums or blog to find information and contacts on this topic.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Being environmentally responsible is more than recycling soda cans and turning off the light switch when exiting a room. There are many people that are working hard to promote environmental sustainability, from celebrities remodeling their homes to be eco-friendly, to CEOs working to make their companies green.

Corporations have a responsibility to the environment, and this week, eClips will post clips from entrepreneurs and experts who know that the green decision is the right decision. In the first clip, Irene Rosenfeld explains how going green is providing cost benefits to her company.

To see more clips from Irene Rosenfeld, listen to her interview in eClips. We’ll be posting a new clip every day this week, so visit our YouTube channel to see them all. If you can’t wait until the clips are on YouTube, think green on the eClips site.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Community Cooperation

In the Finger Lakes of New York, visiting wineries and other attractions on a wine trail is a popular way to spend a hot summer day. This year, the Cayuga Wine Trail is celebrating its 25th anniversary as New York State’s first wine trail. The trail started when one winery owner realized that pooling resources with the other wineries in the area would increase tourism and provide a benefit to all of the businesses. In agritourism, as well as other industries, cooperation is often just as important as competition.

During the week, we’ll be posting clips from entrepreneurial producers and community organizers. We’ll be exploring cooperative farming, marketing and trade associations, and farmers markets. The first clip this week is from David Robb, discussing how farmers benefit from cooperating instead of competing.

To see more clips from David Robb, listen to his interview in eClips. We’ll be posting a new clip every day this week, so visit our YouTube channel to see them all. If you can’t wait until the clips are on YouTube, check out more clips from agriculture and food related companies on the eClips site.