Monday, August 11, 2008

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Being environmentally responsible is more than recycling soda cans and turning off the light switch when exiting a room. There are many people that are working hard to promote environmental sustainability, from celebrities remodeling their homes to be eco-friendly, to CEOs working to make their companies green.

Corporations have a responsibility to the environment, and this week, eClips will post clips from entrepreneurs and experts who know that the green decision is the right decision. In the first clip, Irene Rosenfeld explains how going green is providing cost benefits to her company.

To see more clips from Irene Rosenfeld, listen to her interview in eClips. We’ll be posting a new clip every day this week, so visit our YouTube channel to see them all. If you can’t wait until the clips are on YouTube, think green on the eClips site.

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