Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Young Entrepreneur Shut Down for Lack of Permit

There have been many young entrepreneurs that have gotten their start in business by opening a lemonade stand or a similar business as a child. Recently, a vegetable stand in Clayton, California operated by Katie Lewis, age 11, and her sister Sabrina, age 3, was shut down by the mayor because the siblings did not have the proper permit.

Katie Lewis began running the roadside stand when she was nine years old, as a way to share the extra produce grown by her family and earn some money for her college fund. Her father was skeptical and told her that nobody would buy from her stand, but on the first day of operations, she sold out of melons in two hours.

Recently, Katie was assisted by her sister and they operated the stand on weekends, until the mayor found out. He said that the girls violated zoning and health regulations. When the girls' father compared the business to a lemonade stand, the mayor said that lemonade stands were also illegal, but the city could not do much because they only operated for a few days.

The story was picked up by ABC a few days ago, and the internet is divided into pro-entrepreneur and pro-regulation. I feel that the mayor should not stunt these young entrepreneurs and that he should be fair to all enterprising children. If some children are allowed to operate lemonade stands because the mayor thinks it is not worth the effort to shut them down, other children should be allowed to operate similar businesses. I think that a small roadside stand operated by a child should not require a permit from the city, but instead the city should encourage more children to contribute to their communities.

While we haven't interviewed our experts to get their opinions on this issue, eClips experts have shared their thoughts on being an entrepreneur at a young age. In this clip from the eClips collection, Jeff Parker discusses the importance of sales, and talks about the impact of childhood lemonade stands in the lives of successful entrepreneurs.

To read the article about the produce stand, click here, and don't forget to visit eClips to see more clips related to everything from roadside produce stands to other young entrepreneurial endeavors.


Entrepreneur said...

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Medan said...

I do not know how this should be treated but I do believe that young people should be encouraged to do business. It would have more advantages later on for the community and the economy.

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