Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008

eClips is proud to be participating in Blog Action Day 2008. Blog Action Day is an annual collaborative blogging project, bringing together thousands of bloggers from around the world to raise awareness and increase discussion.

This year, Blog Action Day is encouraging bloggers to think about poverty. eClips has created a special page to highlight the entrepreneurs from our collection that work to alleviate poverty. Click here to visit our special website and see our favorite clips that touch upon the issue of poverty. The page also contains links to each entrepreneur's full interview so you learn more about the activities and impact that entrepreneurs have on poverty.

Many entrepreneurs set out to change the world, and author David Bornstein has compiled the many ideas and actions into the bestselling book How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas. Any aspiring social entrepreneur should read the book for inspiration on how to start changing the world. In his eClips interview, David discusses the impact of microfinance, which was first publicized in Bangladesh by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus. Though the concept of microcredit started out in one small area, the idea was later spread his idea to the whole world. Today it is easy for anyone to lend money for microloans, thanks to entrepreneur Jessica Flannery and Kiva.

eClips also has content from entrepreneurs working on a smaller scale to improve the lives of members in their communities and provide opportunities for people to rise up against poverty. Entrepreneur Sean Basinski gave up a career in investment banking to work with street vendors in New York City. Natalie Chanin used an unconventional source of labor when starting her apparel business and provided jobs to women in poverty stricken areas.

eClips recognizes the impact of forward thinking entrepreneurs and encourages you to watch their clips for inspiration and motivation to cause positive change. Visit our Blog Action Day site to learn more about the entrepreneurs mentioned here and the other entrepreneurs that work hard to allievate poverty.


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