Monday, October 20, 2008

eClips Update

The eClips team has been working hard, and we have recently posted cases for five new entrepreneurs on our site.
"I think increasingly, that line between for profit and nonprofit is a permeable one."
Bruce McNamer
"We were having conversations sitting on tires in Kibera which is the largest slum in East Africa, that were the exact same conversations our teams were having with Wal-Mart buyers."
Justin DeKoszmovsky
"If you don't have any mistakes, it means you're not taking any risks."
Daniel Hesse
"You have to be willing to take on challenging tasks and not get deterred when things don't go your way."
Paul George
"In many places around the world, having a job, having an income is not a question of a better future for children or family. It's a basic question of survival."
Stephen Kaplitt
For more on these entrepreneurs, visit eClips and check out their videos.

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ZaggedEdge said...

Hey, saw you on technorati, as a young entrepreneur. I Wanted to invite you to a network for young entrepreneurs. Would be a great place to network and promote your stuff--I really am a fan.

Shoot me an email.