Monday, October 13, 2008

Summer Update from Student Mac Bishop

The following blog post is from Mac Bishop, a Cornell student who did eClips interviews over the past summer:

My advisor, Professor Streeter described eClips and proposed some summer interviewing opportunities. I am from the Portland, Oregon, so we thought- hey why not add to eClips already superb geographical diversity? I went home with a goal to interview recent college graduates (within the past ten years) and hear their career exploration process. We also wanted to portray an Oregon theme by concentrating on local businesses like Dakine, Nike, Kryptiq and Pendleton Woolen Mills.

I will now briefly describe the process and a little about the interviews. I started by calling and sending letters to family friends who could provide a unique Oregon themed interview. After these letters were sent out, we worked to set up interview dates. Eventually, Liam Hoban of Adidas Soccer, Luis Machuca of Kryptiq, and Mort Bishop of Pendleton Woolen Mills agreed.

A family friend, Liam Hoban grew up in Oregon and attended Cornell University where he played soccer. His passion for sports has led him to work for Adidas in Portland (the North American Headquarters). In Liam’s interview he talks about establishing an identity, finding a passion, and the work/play balance. College students will find it useful and stress relieving. Click here to view the clips from Liam's interview.

My good buddy’s dad, Luis Machuca started Kryptiq, a software company that “enables healthcare providers and health plans to utilize and share vital information effectively”. Luis is one of the most business and tech savy people I know. If there is a man that can do it all, it is Luis Machuca. Listen to Luis’s interview and learn about his success and how he worked to get there.

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