Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Michael Waldman Discusses Correlation Between Precipitation and Autism

This morning, eClips has posted a new interview with Michael Waldman. Waldman is the Charles H. Dyson Professor of Management and Professor of Economics at the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University. He is the lead author on a study published in the American Medical Association journal Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine that links precipitation levels to autism.

In the following clip, Waldman discusses the correlation between rain and autism:

Waldman's study has been picked up by the mainstream media (article link) and many bloggers have shared their opinions as well, but only eClips has a video interview with Waldman. Click to see Waldman's interview in eClips, and check out our other clips on entrepreneurship, business and leadership at eclips.cornell.edu.

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Anonymous said...

Junk science at its worst.

Someone should introduce this guy to the notion of 'alpha inflation errors'...