Monday, December 01, 2008

eClips Updates

Recently, there have been many new cases added to eClips. Here are some of our favorite quotes from our newest entrepreneurs and experts:
"The thrill of entrepreneurship – and it is what drove me even from the early stage – was figuring out a better way, creating something that wasn't before, and it is in many ways as simple as that."
James Farrell
"If you screw up but you don't give up, then you haven't failed."
Jeff Mayer
"You learn from the failures and you learn from the successes and I think it's important to learn that there are going to be both."
Daniel Fabian
"Managing is all about one by one by one, trying to figure out what makes that individual tick and trying to set that individual up for success."
Marcus Buckingham
"I wanted to get my hands a little bit more dirty and look at real-world problem solving issues."
Harry Kaiser
"Networking is not sales, it is not job hunting. It is building relationships before you need them."
Diane Darling
"Flexible leadership means keeping one eye glued on the present and the other firmly but flexibly fixed on the future. "
Barry Salzberg
"What that means is that we want to be the link in the transportation arm for the growers to the retailers on both coasts."
Paul Esposito
"The key thing is for people to look within themselves and identify what they are really good at and try and build an organization that uses that competency."
Jim Prevor
"Business is simple. You find something that people need, they can't do for themselves, and you do it for them"
David Eson
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