Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NMFN's Matt Russo - Lecture & Interview

Matt Russo is the Managing Partner of Northwestern Mutual's midtown Manhattan office.

In 1995, Russo joined the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network as a financial representative, concentrating his market within the medical field and the hospitality industry. As a financial representative, he had achieved Forum honors since 2000, and had been the recipient of numerous individual sales awards.

In 1999, Russo was appointed Managing Director of The North Shore Group in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Under his direction, The North Shore Group had been awarded the District Network Office Growth Award for the last 6 years, and the Outstanding Achievement in Recruiting and Selection for the last seven years.

During this interview, Russo discusses his personal and professional background and shares the challenges he faced when starting out as an entrepreneur. In addition to his candid anecdotes, he also shares thoughts on leadership, relationship management and sales.

Matt Russo received a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Administration in 1990 from Cornell University.

We have both interview and lecture clips.

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