Sunday, June 27, 2010

David Fischell, CEO, Angel Medical Systems

David Fischell is the CEO of Angel Medical Systems. Fischell is a serial entrepreneur who has founded nine biomedical device companies in the last 15 years, including Angel Medical Systems, a company which has developed an implantable heart attack detection and patient alerting system.

Other companies include Neuralieve, Inc (2002) to develop Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation systems for Migraine Headaches; and NeuroPace, Inc. (1997) to develop implantable brain pacemakers to treat epilepsy.

David Fischell was at Bell Laboratories in 1979 where, for 11 years, he performed and directed a wide range of research and development projects. He left Bell Labs in 1991 to work full time on medical devices. He currently holds 85 issued U.S. patents, and has published numerous papers in the fields of telecommunications, cardiology, radiobiology, and radiation dosimetry.

David Fischell's comments are from a panel entitled "Bootstrapping to Success: Starting a Business on a Shoestring and a Prayer" that took place during Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration in April 2010.

David Fischell earning his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Cornell University.

Watch Mr. Fischell's clips.

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