Wednesday, June 30, 2010

John Belizaire from BestFirst

John Belizaire is the co-founder of FirstBest and is an accomplished enterprise software entrepreneur with a track record of new venture development and management success.

Prior to co-founding FirstBest, he was senior director of business development and strategic planning for BEA's Ecommerce applications division, where he grew annual revenue to over $150 million. Before BEA, Belizaire co-founded The Theory Center, a leader in Java-based component software for enterprise applications. As CEO, he grew the company from inception to $10 million in revenue. BEA Systems acquired the company in 1999 for over $160 million. He was previously lead architect for Intel's digital enterprise group, where he was responsible for the industry's first implementation of network quality-of-service technology for personal computers.

Belizaire's comments are from a panel on Information Technology Entrepreneurship from Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration in April 2010.

Belizaire holds a BS and Master's degree in computer science from Cornell University. He has also completed the Wharton Business School's Executive Development Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

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