Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Millicent Stephenson

Millicent Stephenson is one of the Directors of MasTech Training Ltd. MasTech Training Limited delivers accredited and bespoke training to professional electricians and has been running for 4 years. Its clients include ABB, Birmingham City Council and the Ministry of Defence. Prior to going into business she was employed at FE Colleges and Adult Education teaching Business Studies, IT and training teachers in the art of delivery.

Her entrepreneurial span includes music as a semi-professional musician and teacher. Playing the saxophone for over 20 years her unique blend of gospel jazz has been called "gazz" by her listeners. Millicent believes that her playing is music for the soul and has delighted hearers in corporate events, weddings, festivals and the church. She has shared the stage with greats such as Courtney Fadlin, Andy Hamilton and Soweto Kinch. She plans to release her first CD later this year. Millicent takes time to pass on her vast musical experience by teaching piano, saxophone and recorder at a primary school in Handsworth, Birmingham.

Millicent is married to Michael who is the other Director of MasTech Training Ltd.

Here are the videos.

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