Thursday, October 28, 2010

Interview With Jim Farrell of f'Real

Jim Farrell is the founder and President of f'Real! Foods.

After graduating college in 1979, Farrell founded a company which designed and manufactured insulation systems for commercial greenhouses based on his Master of Engineering design project to reduce greenhouse energy usage by 80+%, receiving a patent for the design of the system in partnership with the Cornell University Technology Transfer Office. This business was successful for a period of time, but ultimately closed when the price of oil dropped to less than half of its late 1970s highs.

Farrell next attended Harvard Business School and received his MBA in 1985. Upon graduation from Harvard, Jim moved to San Francisco to join McKinsey & Company as a senior management consultant specializing in Corporate Strategy with an emphasis on Change Management, which focuses on moving beyond corporate strategy to accomplish successful implementation of the strategy. He later joined Dreyer's-Edy's Grand Ice Cream as General Manager of their FoodService business unit as Dreyer's-Edy's worked to successfully complete their national roll out from their West Coast roots.

While at Dreyer's-Edy's, Jim conceived of the product concept upon which his current company, f'REAL! Foods, is based. Jim founded f'REAL! Foods to pursue a new approach to making frozen blended beverages such as milkshakes, fruit smoothies and frozen cappuccinos. The concept utilizes a f'REAL! patented blender, which blends up frozen drinks right in their serving cups. The serving cups are shipped to retail locations with all of the ingredients for their drinks pre-frozen into the cups.

Jim Farrell graduated from Cornell University with Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Agricultural Engineering. He received his MBA from Harvard.

Here are his clips.

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